Artificial Intelligence

  Outcast is for many of us a very good game. One of the things, which contributed to this fact, is the feeling that Adelpha’s world is really a living world. Each of its inhabitants has his own life and is unique and the player can easily interact with each Talan. What’s more, the NPC communicate between them. Who never noticed two Talans calling each other in Okriana and exchanging some obscure phrases or soldiers starting to shout as soon as they spotted the Ulukai? Appeal pushed the limits of the logic by creating the basis of a language: the agazork.

  If one looks into the game’s files, one will realise that hundreds of dialogs have been created. It’s not simply few words, which have been thrown on the manual to make it look nice. During my researches, I found only one place where this language has been really used: in the riss merchants bok in Okriana. I always played with the sub-titles, and near Nikaa, you can find the following:

  Still in the game’s files, this sentence is labelled “look at my stand”. The first sign and the brackets show that the work has not been finalised. We can think that the extra details (like “am” and “solam”, which translate respectively the notions of insistence and respect) are more a component of the AI engine than something else. Ironically, the only available voice doesn’t match very well the one of the author of this phrase. For the pleasure and to hear the accent, here is a little homemade sound file, which plays this sentence:

  This page has only shown the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more and especially if you want to have the vertigo while trying to imagine the prime ambition of the GAIA concept, here is the version of the official site: .
  Recently, Appeal site has been redone and unfortunately some technical details have disappeared. Nevertheless, we managed to retrieve the GAIA white paper (1.5 MB) : GAIA_White_paper_English.doc .
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