The first Outcast 2
The first Outcast 2

  The "screenshot" above is one of the two things we kept private for a long time. The other one is a script (and even more), the very first script that was written as an introduction for Outcast II.

  We don't want to reveal anything before you've read but remember that it was only a first outline, waiting for the reaction of a few fans. You'll discover many differences from what we've seen in the "Kronos Project"... But well, you'll see by yourself...

    How did we get those material ?

  Well, only a few month after Outcast was released, Infogrames decided to launch the Outcast II project. They asked a company to make an interview of some Outcast fans after a first script was proposed to them (this interview is known by us as the "focus group") Nuelan had been invited but couldn't make it, so an old member of the Infogrames french forums went with other people (the interview was first sent in several countries) Later, when was already online, Nuelan discussed with that "old member" and asked him to have a copy of the script.
  Regarding the screenshot, we received it from someone who worked at Infogrames, but we don't know much more about it. Everything else is more about mystery than secret ...

    Why do we release those material now ?

  Of course, we do no think anymore that we have to keep those things for us because Outcast II won't show up ... To be honest, while Appeal released screenshots and "The Kronos Project" we didn't even think about the first script anymore : as the whole community, we were just waiting something new and surprising.
  But main reason is the following : we see you guys thinking about mods and scripts, and we see how deep you care about Outcast. So we thought it would be something interesting to be used by the Outcast community, especially for those who intend to create mods or RPG...
  We propose you the script "as it is" (as we received it)... We just made the translation from the french original version we have.

Focus group script : pdf version (130 kB) - french original version (1.7MB)
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 Want to take a look at the first draft of the Outcast 2 script and at a new screenshot ?

 Outcast community is still there. A team gives agazork lessons and a RPG project has strated on our forums.

 We made a new section for the fourth part of Kronos Project and appeal released new artworks

 FAQ and second part of Kronos project added, new artworks

 FAQ and technical preview updated

 New artworks added and script section updated.

 New indoor screenshots, FAQ updated

 The Cutter's orange t-shirt of Outcast 1 will be available thanks to a cheat code

 Second batch of screenshots and a new FAQ, by Appeal

 First Outcast 2 screenshots
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