Appeal's FAQ about Outcast 2

  This FAQ was extracted from Appeal website.

  First, we do apologize for this situation, but sometimes those kind of things happen. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose much about the situation, but please keep in mind that :

    1. Outcast 2 is not canceled, it has been suspended for an undefined period of time.
    2. So far, the platform has not changed (PS2 and PC).
    3. Of course, this will have an impact on the release date. TBD.

  What will be the mix of action and adventure compared to Outcast 1 ?

  Besides the introduction of new stealth elements, the mix will be a more action. The sometimes overwhelming list of simultaneous subquests in Outcast 1 has been somewhat reduced, resulting in a more dynamic gameflow.

  When will beta test begin ? Can I be part of it ?

  Beta is scheduled early next summer. However, it is too early to say if the beta program will be public.

  Will the engine take advantage of the emerging pixel shaders and vertex shaders technologies found in the latests video cards ?

  Too early to say. This is really a market driven decision.

  What are the system requirements for the PC version ?

  For now, the estimated PC requirements are PIII 750 MHz, 128 Mb Ram and T&L video card with 32 Mb VRAM (such as GeForce or Radeon families). Note these are estimated figures and are subject to change before the release of the game. We will update these figures during development if necessary.

  Will the Moscow Symphony Orchestra be performing the soundtrack for Outcast 2 : The Lost Paradise ?

  Yes, and the score will also be composed by Lennie Moore.

  Will the controls of the game be the same as in Outcast 1 ?

  They will be an evolution of the control found in Outcast 1, with more depth.

  Why are the screenshots fuzzy? Will the PC version look sharper?

  Due to interlace display on TV, at any given moment during rendering, only half of the displayed image is present in VRAM (PS2), those two half-images are called odd and even fields (or frame). Only the combination of the odd and even fields provides the full res image, and this is exactly what a TV does, it combines the two fields. In order to provide full res screenshots you need to have a separate frame buffer in order to store and combine the two fields like a TV set would do. This is why we use the Pinnacle DV500 to grab a full res image. If on the other hand you grab directly the VRAM content, you end up with super clean but half res images. We prefer grabbing the S-Video signal of the PS2 because it shows the exact image a TV would display, besides slight JPEG degradation.

  Of course on PC the full res image (whatever the chosen resolution) is rendered and thus makes the capture process way more easy. You just save the display memory and off you go. Therefore, the image on PC is sharp and clean like they are on your monitor.

  Why do you show only PS2 screens and no PC?

  Some features on the PC renderer still need to be implemented but we hope we can provide you soon with screenshots from the PC version. Game content however is equaly implemented on both versions.

  What about an XBox or a GameCube version of the game?

  For the moment, none of those versions are planned. However, it is very likely that an XBox version will follow because technically, it is not too far from the PC version.

  Is this really running in real-time on a PS2 ?

  Yep. Every single screenshot posted on our web site has been taken using our game engine running at 50 FPS PAL, 60 FPS NTSC.

  Can we see it running in a video ?

  Video are planned to be shown soon. Just be patient.

  Will the voice of Cutter Slade still be played by dubbing actors of Bruce Willis in the French and German version of the game ?

  We'll do our best to have these fine actors performing Cutter's voice in Outcast 2. However, it also depends on their availability at record time.

  What is the estimated release date of Outcast 2 : The Lost Paradise ?

  There is no official release date so far. However, Q4 2002 is our best current estimation for both versions PS2 and PC.

  Will there be new means of transportation in the game?

  There will be new means of transportation, but how many of these will be fully interactive is not yet decided.

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