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   Appeal - The developper's site (in English).

   Infogrames - The editor's site (in English).

   Outcast-Game - The official Outcast site (in English).

Fan pages

   Die Sprache der Talaner - Want to learn talan language ?

   Outcast Paradise - No updates since a long time, but it's always the most complete about Outcast 1 (in French).

   Outcast Gamor - It includes amongst all the goodies a test (in French).

   OpenOutcast - An Outcast mod using the OpenSource Engine Crystalspace. It is going strong and it is a must see site. - A rather active and complete site (in German). - All you can expect to see about Outcast world (in German). - A promising website with a nice, sober and efficient interface (in German).

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- Outcast Ripper

 Want to take a look at the first draft of the Outcast 2 script and at a new screenshot ?

 Outcast community is still there. A team gives agazork lessons and a RPG project has strated on our forums.

 We made a new section for the fourth part of Kronos Project and appeal released new artworks

 FAQ and second part of Kronos project added, new artworks

 FAQ and technical preview updated

 New artworks added and script section updated.

 New indoor screenshots, FAQ updated

 The Cutter's orange t-shirt of Outcast 1 will be available thanks to a cheat code

 Second batch of screenshots and a new FAQ, by Appeal

 First Outcast 2 screenshots
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