The Yods are the gods of the Talans. The Talans would only be the servants of the Yods and they would receive a specific essence when they enter in the adult age. When a Talan dies, his essence would join the Yods in Heaven.

  Numerous Beliefs abound among the Talans. The most common ones are the various demonstrations of anger of the Yods. These would have confronted Fae Rhan by covering with the sand the city (known as Okrinana today) he was building. This event then had transformed the green area of Talanzaar into a vast desert. An other belief is the Ne Seyat. This word designates the simultaneous eclipses of the two suns by the two moons. This very rare event would be a bad augur for the unfortunate Talans. But the best has to come as Sadar tells the story of the Deluge, Talan version :

  "Listen to the story of the region of Okasankaar. Before it was a mountainous area. Many moons ago, the anger of the Yods Eluee and Ka fell on the region : the rainfalls had flooded it during moons and moons. The Talans survived by seeking refuge on the top of the mountains. But the water never disappeared and the survivors built the city of Cyana."

   Another detail can be important : a link seems to exist between the Yods and the helidium mineral. I will finish by pointing out the similitude between the lights appearing in the Essence well and the ones during the explosion of Fae Rhan's palace. Are they the manifestation of the power of the Yods ?

  Essence well
  Fae Rhan's palace


   The Ancients were an old civilisation, which lived on Adelpha hundreds of millunaires before the arrival of Cutter. They would have live in the regions of Okaar and Okasankaar. Most of the Talans think that they created the daokas and mysterious monuments in Okaar (like the stoned faces). Mogi teaches us a lot about their history :

  "Lot of old things in Okaar. Okaar place of superior beings. On Adelpha, superior beings always arrive in Okaar. During one hundred generations, Talans tell story superior beings in Okaar, creators and destructive, good and bad. Superior beings always come and leave in Okaar."

  An other widespread legend is that two species would have existed at the beginning: the Talans and the Ancients. The Yods would have observed their beginning on Adelpha and when they saw that the Ancients didn't respect the Ancients, they would have reacted by getting rid of them.

   The only concrete proof, that a civilisation coming from somewhere else existed on Adelpha, is held by Balazar: an old relic with " drawings of living beings I've never seen anywhere". With all these details, one can wonder if the Ancients didn't come on Adelpha through the enigmatic giant daoka (and still destroyed) of Okaar. What can the drawing at the top represent ? The two moons of Adelpha ? The Earth and the Moon ?...

  The Giant Daoka


  It is a primitive race, which lives from hunting and has no occupation else than the sacrifice of Talans for their Yod Achondar. We know very little on this specie and the things we know come from Shamaz Zave :

  "They are violent beings without essence. Some say that they come from superior beings like you but others think that they are remote parents of the first Talans d'Adelpha."

  Last detail : they have established their camp around the monument apparently erected by the Ancients, south east of the daoka for Okasankaar.

  Oogoobar camp


  With all the elements mentioned above, it's obvious that many questions stay without answer.

  Do the Yods exist ? Their "miracles" are there...

  Are the Yods and the Ancients linked ? The origin of the daokas could be a link.

  Would some humans have been present before ? Is it necessary to remind that journey through parallel worlds can create temporal distortions

  Who are the "superior beings" exactly ? The talans use this word for the humans as well as the Ancients. Just a generic term?

  What is the use of the broken daoka ? Is it a gateway to another world ? The drawing on the top can indicate the two moons of Adelpha as well as the Earth and the Moon. More important, can we repair it ?

  And who are the Oogoobars. From their physical aspect, we can think that they have evolved from a reptilian species like the Talans. So are they the ancestors of the inhabitants of Adelpha or the remaining of a past civilisation ?

  Unfortunately, we will have the answers only when Outcast 2 is released

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