Outcast loaders - If you have a problem to launch Outcast, try one of these loader.

  Outcast_patch_install.exe - written by Bestmew (275 KB) - Here is an infallible method to install Outcast (thanks to JC and Jean-Jean) :
  To install Outcast, it is necessary to create a file in the directory where one wishes to install the game. This file must be named 'uninst.isu', be empty (0kB) and be in read only mode. For those among you who would not know how to create this file, please feel free download this little patch which will take care of it for you. Then it is enough to normally install the game while specifying of course as the installation directory the one where the file 'uninst.isu' is located. During the installation process a window will pop-up to prevent that you will not be able to uninstall the game: disregard it. The game will install without problem. Later on, to uninstall the game, remove the file 'uninst.isu' and start again the installation: it will do the job.

  DVD Patch (17.9 KB) - This patch solve the installation problems of DVD version.

  Patch n 3 (12 MB) - The last patch. It corrects the new bugs and includes the previous patches.

  Patch n 2 (8.3 MB) - It includes the first patch and corrects hardware compatibility problems.

  Patch n 1 (1.3 MB - It allows the installation of Outcast with a DirectX superior to 6.1.

  Outcast.EXE (353 KB) - Corrects the CD insertion problem.

  Patch made in Nuelan (116 KB) - If you have crossed the blue barrier in Shamazaar before Marion asks you to do it and you are wainting for ever one of her messages: this patch is for you. It is useful as well if you are stuck in the game as you wait for ever a Marion's message.


Out-Takes - When Appeal decides to have a laugh

  1 (5.84 MB) - "Maar is the most intelligent"
  2 (15.7 MB) - Star tantrum
  3 (7.87 MB) - Zidar and his joy of life
  4 (5.4 MB) - That's still not good...
  5 (4.69 MB) - The Thwon-Ha : "The best friend of the Talans"
  6 (7.55 MB) - The backpack of holding: a choice you won't regret
  7 (15.1 MB) - Who is who?
  8 (6.37 MB) - Zort !
  9 (5.36 MB) - Be careful !
  10 (4.95 MB) - Outcast brings a revolution in the video game world thanks to its artificial intelligence
  11 (10.4 MB) - Stealth ness test
  12 (15.7 MB) - Nikaa ?
  13 (6.64 MB) - Lara who ?
  14 (14.1 MB) - Zokrim and the Mns
  15 (3.33 MB) - Music brings peace

Making of - Interviews of Appeal

  1 (2.05 MB) - Intro
  2 (2.46 MB) - Behind the scene
  3 (1.98 MB) - Design
  4 (2.13 MB) - Characters
  5 (2.53 MB)- Animations
  6 (2.39 MB) - Script
  7 (2.39 MB)
- Weapons and sounds
  8 (2.08 MB) - Music
  9 (2.24 MB) - Final


The trailer of Outcast for the cinema (1.55 MB).


  These are the maps of the 6 worlds of Outcast :

Okaar - Thanks Richard Gain (1.13 MB)


  Ranzaar (77 MB) - In this demo you will be able to walk freely in the first world.

  Shamazaar (137 MB) - In this one you will have access to the second world (the one with the riss's farmers). Attention: each of your game won't last more than one hour...


  Track n1 (170 KB) - Prelude
  Track n2 (2.2 MB) - Daoka
  Track n3 (4.8 MB) - Soldier's Camp
  Track n4 (3.5 MB) - Heaven on Adelpha
  Track n5 (2.6 MB) - World of Marches
  Track n6 (154 KB) - Fatally wounded
  Track n7 (1.5 MB) - Main Theme
  Track n8 (5 MB) - The Ancient Forest World
  Track n9 (2.1 MB) - Watch Out !
  Track n10 (3 MB) - Let's Fight !
  Track n11 (5.4 MB) - World of Snow
  Track n12 (4.9 MB) - World of Temples
  Track n13 (760 KB) - Main Theme (reprise)
  Track n14 (4.9 MB) - Oriental Spirit
  Track n15 (4.5 MB) - World of Mountains
  Track n16 (270 KB) - Orchestra Rehearsal
  Track n17 (1.4 MB) - Uluka Dance


  Outcast loader + (159 KB) - Now you can play to Outcast in 640x480. VB6 runtime is needed : vbrun60.exe.

  Desktop theme (5.7 MB) - A desktop theme for Windows 9X.

  Outcast Ripper (782 KB) - A must-have program for people who want to see all the files of Outcast (you need Pkunzip). It allows to extract the bitmap files and the subtitles, to extract and see the 3D models...
  Unpak command line utility (16 KB) - A light version of Outcast Ripper which purpose is only to extract files.
  Sfx2Wav (20 KB) - Converts sound files from SFX format into WAV format.

  Massa's Cheater (2.2 MB) - This program modifies the .INI files and the saves (German version).
  English version (26 KB) - Patch to transform the German version into an English version.
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- Desktop theme
- Outcast Ripper

 Want to take a look at the first draft of the Outcast 2 script and at a new screenshot ?

 Outcast community is still there. A team gives agazork lessons and a RPG project has strated on our forums.

 We made a new section for the fourth part of Kronos Project and appeal released new artworks

 FAQ and second part of Kronos project added, new artworks

 FAQ and technical preview updated

 New artworks added and script section updated.

 New indoor screenshots, FAQ updated

 The Cutter's orange t-shirt of Outcast 1 will be available thanks to a cheat code

 Second batch of screenshots and a new FAQ, by Appeal

 First Outcast 2 screenshots
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