This section aims to gather most of the articles published in magazines and on the Net on Outcast 2. This obviously requires a lot of work, so that's why we rely on you to let us know or to send to us what what you will discover. Of course our forum and our email addresses are available to you for this purpose.


  Click on one of the scanned picture to enlarge it.

  Article from Le Soir about 'TLP : Outcast' interruption.
  (english version : first part second part)

  Dutch version of PC Gameplay magazine, November 2001 (Thanks Yod Xerxes). English version (thanks MR)

  English version of PC Zone magazine, November 2001.

  Dutch version of Power Unlimited magazine, July 2001 (Thanks Kikkum). English version

  Dutch version of PC Zone magazine, July 2001 (Thanks Kikkum). English version

  German version of PC Games magazine, July 2001 (Thanks EarMaster). English version

  Dutch version of PC Zone magazine, April 2000. English version

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 Want to take a look at the first draft of the Outcast 2 script and at a new screenshot ?

 Outcast community is still there. A team gives agazork lessons and a RPG project has strated on our forums.

 We made a new section for the fourth part of Kronos Project and appeal released new artworks

 FAQ and second part of Kronos project added, new artworks

 FAQ and technical preview updated

 New artworks added and script section updated.

 New indoor screenshots, FAQ updated

 The Cutter's orange t-shirt of Outcast 1 will be available thanks to a cheat code

 Second batch of screenshots and a new FAQ, by Appeal

 First Outcast 2 screenshots
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