IRC channel
IRC channel

  We have opened an IRC channel to be able to discuss directly between you and us. You will need to download the mIRC software.

  The parameters of the channel are as follow :
  Server name :
  Channel name :

Help to configure the mIRC channel

  Go to Options in the File menu.

  If it's not already done, type your nickname in the field Nickname.

  To add the server on which the channel is: click on the Add button and a new window appears, Type a name in the field Description and enter the server address (here in the field IRC server.

  Click the Add button: the server is now on the 2nd scrolling list (With the name of the one you entered previoulsy in the field Description). Select it and click the button Connect to IRC Server.

  A new window appears with a list of channels. Type in the name : #outcastii and click the button Join.

  Here we go, you are all setup.
- Forum
- IRC channel
- Contact us

- Outcast loader +
- DVD patch
- Patch n° 3
- Desktop theme
- Outcast Ripper

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 The Cutter's orange t-shirt of Outcast 1 will be available thanks to a cheat code

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