OUTCAST - Second Contract - Nuelan Wednesday 24th of August 2016 - [3:42 p.m.]

Outcast is back!!

"Bigben, the video game publisher and distributor, is pleased to announce that they have signed a licence agreement with the studio Appeal to publish the video game OUTCAST - Second Contact, a remake of the cult PC game Outcast."

If you speak German you can read further here:

German speaking fan site:

For English speaking language a very nice website:

English speaking fan site:

And if you read Spanish this one is for you:

Spanish speaking fan site:

And remember you can always have a good discussion on the forums!

We will keep you posted!

Keep Outcast alive !

Outcast II : Back to the Source Sunday 14th of December 2003 - [5:42 p.m.]

The "screenshot" above is one of the two things we kept private for a long time . The other one is a script (and even more), the very first script that was written as an introduction for Outcast II.

We don't want to reveal anything before you've read but remember that it was only a first outline, waiting for the reaction of a few fans. You'll discover many differences from what we've seen in the "Kronos Project"... But well, you'll see by yourself...

How did we get those material ?

Well, only a few month after Outcast was released, Infogrames decided to launch the Outcast II project. They asked a company to make an interview of some Outcast fans after a first script was proposed to them (this interview is known by us as the "focus group") Nuelan had been invited but couldn't make it, so an old member of the Infogrames french forums went with other people (the interview was first sent in several countries) Later, when was already online, Nuelan discussed with that "old member" and asked him to have a copy of the script.
Regarding the screenshot, we received it from someone who worked at Infogrames, but we don't know much more about it. Everything else is more about mystery than secret ...

Why do we release those material now ?

Of course, we do no think anymore that we have to keep those things for us because Outcast II won't show up ... To be honest, while Appeal released screenshots and "The Kronos Project" we didn't even think about the first script anymore : as the whole community, we were just waiting something new and surprising.
But main reason is the following : we see you guys thinking about mods and scripts, and we see how deep you care about Outcast. So we thought it would be something interesting to be used by the Outcast community, especially for those who intend to create mods or RPG...
We propose you the script "as it is" (as we received it)... We just made the translation from the french original version we have.

Focus group script : pdf version (130 kB) - french original version (1.7MB)

So it's up to you now : make comments, go further with the story, propose theories or everything you want. Boards are still open !
Keep Outcast alive !

We already wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2004 !

The Team
Jami, JC, jfrey, Nuelan, Skemeth, zigue

Outcast mod - Jfrey Saturday 31th of May 2003 - [2:03 p.m.]

Outcast 2 has been cancelled a year ago, but there's still new projects which appears. An Outcast modteam opened his website, the aim is to build a sequel thanks to Gothic engine. Don't wait for an English version, take a look at this German homepage : .

"Sprache der talaner" team needs you. - Jami Monday 27th of January 2003 - [11:07 p.m.]

You certainly remember the team creating a Talan language, which could be translated in German and in English.You can visit their website here They are currently looking for English speaking people to help them in the English part of the project. If you are interested, you can contact Lord Gandalf at the following email address:

Merry Christmas - Nuelan Sunday 22th of December 2002 - [1:53 p.m.]

We would like to wish
all of you a
Merry Christmas
and a Prosperous
New Year.

Outcast pak tools 2.02 - Nuelan Wednesday 4th of September 2002 - [11:39 a.m.]

Hi folks! Be ready to create a quasi-mod out of Outcast! JP Feracin just sent us a brand new version of his Outcast pak tools.

With that you can:

   1) Extract all the files stored in a .pak file with the unpak.exe

   2) Modify them (with your own programs)

   3) Build the .pak again (with the modified files) with the packer.exe

Thank you very much JP, thanks to you Outcast may rise from its ashes.

Edit: Because of this, we also decided to create a new forum for those who are interested in the development of a MOD for Outcast. If you want to show your talent or just ask a question, this forum is yours.

Who will sign for Outcast 2 ? - zigue Monday 26th of August 2002 - [7:17 p.m.]

As Appeal closed its doors during August (see here), the bankruptcy being declared on August the 12th (published in the belgian Monitor, 23-08-2002), all the fans are worried about the future of Outcast 2.

And in fact, since a few days now, an online petition has been created. Its aim? To show how much the Outcast community do cares about a sequel for the game and its license, which should be entrusted to the only studio capable of accomplishing Outcast 2 adventure today: elsewhere-entertainment

For more information and to contribute, take a look at this address: online petition.

Outcast PnP board's opening - SKEMETH Saturday 25th of August 2001 - [10:59 p.m.]

Because of the huge success of the "Outcast PnP" topic, we decided (and following MR's request) to open a new forum section fully dedicated to this role playing game that takes place in this universe we like so much.
You can read the forum at this address and its related website here.

A glimmer of hope for the fans of Outcast - Nuelan Friday 16th of August 2002 - [8:36 p.m.]

After the bankruptcy of Appeal, what can we expect?

We do not have any idea concerning the plans of Infogrames (if they do have some) but a recent discussion with Yves Grolet brings us a glimmer of hope out of the chaos which prevails.

First of all Yves Grolet - one of the three co-founder of Appeal, who left the team in summer 2000 - started up a new team with some of the better people from Appeal among many other new talented people. It is called Elsewhere Entertainment and is an independent developer and designer of interactive entertainment software for personal computers and video game consoles.

Secondly - and this is of high interest for us - Yves told us that his dream would be to make a sequel of Outcast based on its world. His own words: 'to take up again its world and make a new epic game to extend the saga'. Which is damn exactly what the fans always wanted!

Of course such an idea couldn't go without Infogrames wishes but this dream is shared by the whole Elsewhere Entertainment team.

There is currently a title in production at Elsewhere Entertainment named 'Project Alpha'. And this sounds very interesting for the Outcast fans community. Here is what Yves told us about it:

Project Alpha (working title) is the conceptual 'continuation' of Outcast 1. They are developing technologies to push even further the interactive story telling than what they have done for Outcast.

Project Alpha is a squad based first and third person tactical shooter designed for core gamers playing on Xbox and PC (and potentially all next gen consoles). The key innovation in this game is its interactive and emotionally involving story narrated through virtual characters directed by artificial intelligence. The storytelling of 'Project Alpha' will attain a level of interactivity never reached before in competitive games (Outcast, Half Life, Halo, Medal of Honor): your teammates in the game, who are computer-driven characters, will really appear to be alive while you play the game because each of them has his own personality and will interact with you through several emotional levels: fear, love, compassion, admiration, jealousy... In a word, 'Project Alpha' aims at bringing a 'drama' dimension to the action game genre.

Thank you very much Yves, it seems that our future may depend on you

Have you revised your Talan vocabulary? - Jami Wednesday 24th of July 2002 - [10:54 p.m.]

Well you migth want to do it soon.

Despite Outcast 2 development interruption, the outcast community is still alive.

A group of German and Austrian fans have started an ambitious project: developing the Talan language we got from Appeal into a full daily spoken language. And for this occasion, we have prepared a small file from the work of Appeal.

These people are developing the vocabulary of course but especially all the grammar structure, the verbs and numbers. At the moment they are focusing on the Talan/German which is more advanced than the Talan/English version and they have to overcome the difficulty of having to deal with the differences between the English and German grammars. So if you think you can help, don't hesitate to contact them at their website -

In the meantime, Antaeus with the help of MR, kikkum and Ye-roon is creating a Role playing game for Outcast on the forum. Their project is coming together very nicely and if you want to have a peek at their great work, head over there.

An interesting article - zigue Tuesday 16th of April 2002 - [4:33 p.m.]

The belgian newspaper Le Soir published an article about 'TLP : Outcast' interruption. To learn more about the context of this interruption, just read the article

Further information - Jfrey Wednesday 10th of April 2002 - [3:53 p.m.]

Thanks to Computer and Video Games we learn more about Appeal's decison.

Actually Outcast 2 development has been suspended in order to concentrate on a new PS2 project for Infogrames - a "license-based game". This job is expected to last one year but a new team could be founded to work on other games using the same technology.

According to Appeal this will be beneficial to Outcast 2 because they will have access to more sophisticated tools. Even if Franck Sauer can't tell us how long his - The Lost Paradise is momentarily suspended - will last...

Thursday, April 4th 2002 - zigue Thursday 4th of April 2002 - [7:28 p.m.]

Appeal : "Because of new development opportunities, we are sorry to inform you that the development of Outcast 2 has been momentarily suspended."

Edit: Appeal updated its FAQ :

First, we do apologize for this situation, but sometimes those kind of things happen. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose much about the situation, but please keep in mind that :
    1. Outcast 2 is not canceled, it has been suspended for an undefined period of time.
    2. So far, the platform has not changed (PS2 and PC).
    3. Of course, this will have an impact on the release date. TBD.

Update 2002-03-21 - zigue Thursday 21th of March 2002 - [7:47 p.m.]

Appeal revealed new artworks today. They inform us about future dangers that we could encounter... And about a quiet charming help that we might get... Or maybe is she a part of the danger too? Wait and see...

Appeal did it again - Jfrey Friday 8th of March 2002 - [8:08 p.m.]

Yes, as every two weeks for a long time now, Appeal took care of revealing new artworks from The Lost Paradise : Outcast.

Besides discovering new talan artistic behaviours (from furniture design to architectural style), we can see some "every day" scenes to.

Focus - Jami Monday 4th of March 2002 - [6:57 a.m.]

Franck Sauer gave a brand new interview. There are good news and unfortunately a bad one for the die-hard fans of Outcast. I let you read it there

Appeal gave an interview - Jami Thursday 21th of February 2002 - [9:24 p.m.]

Jaap van Nes from interviewed Franck Sauer from Appeal. The interview can be read there. It brings few precisions about the gameplay and they are good news!

New update, new artworks - Jfrey Thursday 21th of February 2002 - [7:42 p.m.]

For the third consecutive week, Appeal published artworks. Artworks, again and again... They must be on something...

However, for the first time we can see a scene at night. And as shown on an other image with a mysterious character digging himself in a cavern, there is maybe still some kind of a laser guided weapon.

But hate and darkness are not everything. Indeed we can discover new exotic landscapes.

Update 2002-02-07 - zigue Thursday 07th of February 2002 - [10:45 p.m.]

Appeal released 7 new artworks today. City of Saar definitely looks facinating. Besides, the Media section grows richer with a part dedicated to 'Movies'. Let's hope it's gonna be filled soon.

Access to the forum - Jami Wednesday 30th of January 2002 - [2:11 p.m.]

Due to some serious problems on the forum's server, it has been down for two days and we had to temporarily move it. Whatever may happen its address remains the same - Sorry for the trouble

New artworks - Jfrey Thursday 24th of January 2002 - [2:20 p.m.]

This time, Appeal didn't publish any new chapter of the Kronos project but released 6 new artworks instead. The most attentive among you would have noticed that one of them is not really new as it has been shown on our website for the last few months (in a lower quality though).

Thanks to the titles of the jpg files, we have at last an inset of Kizaar, the island of the Talan women.

Two new members - Jami Monday 21th of January 2002 - [11:42 p.m.]

The team is pleased to welcome two new members, zigue and SKEMETH. SKEMETH will look after the artistic concept and zigue will deal with all the translations which are going to flood us in the next coming months

Welcome aboard guys!

The Kronos Project Part IV - Nuelan Friday 11th of January 2002 - [2:09 p.m.]

The fourth part of the Kronos Project has been released. We learn a bit more about the weird force from which the problems started. But beyond this we figure out that human beings are going to be overwhelmed once more by their basic instincts...

Five brand new artworks are shown. Three of the City of Yur and two of Talan women.

If you want to know some more, please feel free to visit Appeal website.

Edit: We made a new section, which gathers all the different parts of the Kronos project.

Merry Christmas! - Nuelan Friday 21th of December 2001 - [10:43 a.m.]

Last news from Appeal before the beginning of the crucial year.

Merry Christmas you too! Enjoy some quite days before the rush!

Appeal: 20th of December - Jami Thursday 20th of December 2001 - [8:22 p.m.]

Appeal put online a screen of Cutter. I let you judge...

Here they come! - Nuelan Friday 7th of December 2001 - [4:09 p.m.]

Well, this time it seems that the researchers sent to Adelpha found something really interesting. But all things considered I'm not sure that it is the more valuable thing that one can find on Adelpha

The Kronos Project Part II - Nuelan Thursday 22th of November 2001 - [12:30 a.m.]

Here it is! The Kronos Project Part II has been released on Appeal website. I don't want to tell too much but hurry up, troubles began to raise...

Summary of the interview - Jami Monday 19th of November 2001 - [6:39 a.m.]

Here is what we can extract from the last interview with Franck Sauer you can find on

   - We are not going to see Marion again.
   - Generally speaking, Outcast characters will not reappear but there will be some relation to them.
   - Two new towns are revealed: Yur in Ganzaar and O'Lanta in Kizaar.
   - Women Talan shots are going to be released soon.
   - PC shots are going to be released early 2002.
   - There will certainly be a demo of Outcast II, one month before the release.
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 FAQ and second part of Kronos project added, new artworks

 FAQ and technical preview updated

 New artworks added and script section updated.

 New indoor screenshots, FAQ updated

 The Cutter's orange t-shirt of Outcast 1 will be available thanks to a cheat code

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